Commercial Buyers Agent vs Residential Buyers Agent: Top 3 Key Differences


If you’re entering the real estate market, you’ve probably been considering hiring a buyers agent. However, before you start hiring agents to represent you, it’s important to understand the different types of agents in Australia and how they can help you.

In this article, we’ll get into the differences between a commercial property buyers agent and a residential agent. These are two of the most common buyers agents that offer services to investors.

Below, we discuss the responsibilities and roles of each agent. That way, you know exactly which type of agent to hire for your next property purchase.

What Is a Commercial Buyers Agent?

As the name suggests, commercial property buyers agents are trained to help clients buy commercial property. Commercial property in Australia is part of a completely different property market. This means that a successful purchase largely depends on your know-how and a general understanding of the local commercial real estate market.

Commercial property is a type of real estate that isn’t for living. So, it could be office spaces, commercial buildings, and similar structures. These properties are primarily for generating income, which is what sets them apart from residential properties. Since they are income generators, commercial properties have a wider set of rules and regulations. learn some of the best skills required by buyer Agents at

Buyers Agent

If you aren’t experienced in the world of commercial property, it will be hard to find a suitable property. There are very small details with commercial and industrial properties that you should always consider before making your property investment. That said, it takes a lot of time and knowledge to understand the intricacies of the commercial property market.

A commercial buyer’s agent is trained to help you with a commercial property investment. Their unique skills and experience make them more than qualified to help you with commercial property transactions.

When you hire a commercial buyers agent, you can expect a partner throughout the entire buying process. When you pay for their services, your agent will go through the entire commercial real estate market in your area. From there, they will look for the right commercial property for your needs.

Before searching for property, commercial buyers agents typically ask the client about their needs and preferences. That way, they can tailor their search to what the client needs for their property portfolio.

From there, they will advise the client on the ideal commercial property based on various factors, from current market trends to personal preferences. A good agent stays with you throughout the entire process of purchasing commercial property, which is why they are well worth the investment.

What Is a Residential Property Buyers Agent?

 Residential Property Buyers Agent

Residential properties are a completely different market from commercial properties. This is why there are also buyer agents that specialise in helping their clients find residential properties. So, if you’re looking for your first home or even an investment property to rent out to tenants, these are the agents you’ll need by your side.

The residential buyers agent service looks very similar to commercial property agents. These agents scour the entire property market and advise clients. The only significant difference in these services is that residential agents search for different types of property.

Key Differences Between Commercial Property & Residential Property Agents

There are many differences between a commercial buyer’s agent and a residential one. Aside from the types of property, they look at, their contracts and costs also vary. Before hiring a residential or commercial buyers agent for yourself, it’s imperative to understand these differences.

In this section, we dive deeper into the key differences between these types of buyers agents. This will make it much easier to determine what type of agent you need before entering the market, giving you an edge over the competition.

Target Markets

One difference between residential- and commercial buyers agents is their target markets. Commercial property buyers are very different from residential property buyers. While some people may purchase residential property to rent it out as an investment, this is a very different market from the typical commercial property buyer.

Typically, people interested in commercial properties are experienced investors looking to expand their portfolios. These people need a different type of advice and approach to their property search.

Property Types

Commercial property types are very different from residential properties. As mentioned earlier, a typical commercial property is used to generate income. When you buy commercial property, you typically convert it into a commercial space like an office, store, or similar establishment.

On the flip side, residential real estate is any structure or property where people live. Even if you don’t live in the property, as long as it was designed to be lived in, like an apartment, semi-detached home, or full-detached home.


Finding a suitable commercial property for a client isn’t easy. On top of that, commercial investors usually require comprehensive services and a lot of property advice. Before you invest in commercial property, you need to do a lot of research and data gathering. It usually takes a bit more time to find a commercial property because there are so many factors to consider, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

So, when you hire an agent to help with your commercial property investment, expect higher costs than your typical residential agent. While both buyers agents help you find the right property at the best price, most commercial property buyers agents charge higher fees than residential ones. Learn more property facts by clicking here

However, you can rest assured that whatever you pay for your commercial property buyer agents, will be worth it. Not only do they make investing in commercial property much easier, but they help guide you towards the best property for you!


Commercial and residential property buyers agents are very different from each other. Both agents will help you find off-market properties, negotiate with sellers, and help you enter the market. However, the property types they focus on are very different. So, before hiring an agent, make sure to understand these differences to make it easier to hire the right one for you.